The New Jaguar Smart Key System

What Is the
Jaguar Smart Key System?

At Jaguar, we’re committed to improving every aspect of the car-ownership experience. That’s why we developed the Jaguar Smart Key system, a keyless entry and vehicle security technology that lets you lock, unlock and gain entry to your Jaguar easily and with peace of mind. Learn more about Jaguar Smart Key below, then come to our Jaguar dealership in Sudbury, MA, to see Smart Key in action.

What is Jaguar Smart Key?

The Jaguar Smart Key is an advanced vehicle security and entry system that allows you to access and lock your Jaguar easily. Smart Key provides extra peace of mind by allowing you to "double lock" your vehicle, lets you to open it without directly touching the Smart Key fob and comes with added functionality aimed at making your daily drives easier.

What does the Jaguar Smart Key do?

The Jaguar Smart Key system allows you to easily secure and unlock your Jaguar. Simply press the lock icon once to lock your Jaguar and activate the alarm, or press it twice to "double lock" the vehicle. Double locking your Jaguar ensures that it cannot be unlocked or started from the inside, even if a window is broken to gain entry. You can also press and hold the lock icon to close all open windows and your sunroof and to lock all doors.

To unlock your Jaguar using the Smart Key, simply press the unlock icon once to disarm the alarm and unlock your doors and luggage compartment. If you press and hold the unlock icon, you will unlock all doors and open your windows and sunroof. You can customize your Smart Key so that only the driver's door unlocks when the Smart Key is used, or so that every door unlocks at once.

Additional Smart Key functionality includes a headlamp icon, which will turn your headlamps on for 25 seconds, and a luggage icon, which unlocks your luggage compartment. Finally, your Smart Key comes with a red triangle icon that you can hold for three seconds to activate/cancel your panic alarm.

How does Jaguar Smart Key work with keyless entry?

If your Jaguar is equipped with keyless entry, you can use your Smart Key to gain access to your vehicle without digging through your pocket or purse. As long as your Jaguar Smart Key is within approximately 39 inches of your Jaguar, you can open your vehicle by operating a locked door handle or pressing the luggage compartment release button. Your Jaguar will sense that the Smart Key is in your possession and will open for you automatically.

To learn more about Jaguar Smart Key, reach out to the Jaguar technology experts we have on staff at Jaguar Sudbury.